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The people's Commissariat of mechanical engineering, was commissioned in Chirchik group of experienced engineers of Leningrad. This group, together with arrived from Soums specialists formed the core of future engineering services. Under the leadership of Deputy chief engineer D. P. Borodin they quickly prepared all the technical documentation needed for the production of mortars. The metal of the workpiece, some of the materials and equipment sent to Uzbekistan, the Ural factories. Part of Sumy machine-building plant was evacuated and steel was to employ about 300 workers with families.
In the local newspaper of that year we read: "the staff of the plant received the order that you want to execute in the shortest possible time. Machine operators and mechanics stood in front of the watch. Selfless work is boiling here day and night."

"Time is several times shorter than normal". But there was no word impossible the technical thought is found the way out of hopeless situations, solving the problem of unimaginable complexity. And decided at a high level.
Factory gets the job - to produce a prototype ACTS - automotive oxygen a gas station. Engineers coped with the task successfully, the prototype was manufactured and tested in a timely manner, then the station came into production.

1943-1948 YEARS.

Along with the release of products for the needs of the front, the factory significantly increased its production volume of civilian goods. Released twice more than in the previous year, compressors, initiated the production of complex chemical apparatus. The plant has developed three types of vacuum pumps.

Developed and implemented in the production of seven types of centrifugal pumps General purpose, commercial production of new types of turbo air blowers. For the year released three times more compressors than in 1942.

The boilermakers gave chemical plant equipment for the sum almost eight times the cost of production, released in 1942.

The plant began production of feed pumps for once-through boilers the design of Professor Ramzin. Started the production of compressors type "2P-20/8". In the liberated areas sent 600 pumps of different brands and 150 powerful centrifugal compressors.

Engineers have developed a powerful production pumps to supply the system of Professor Ramzin. Two such pump pressure to 150 atmospheres are used in the electric plant of Moscow. 60 per cent more than in 1946, has released a factory compressors, chemical equipment, turbines. The plant designers have created a new, improved type of compressor. By lowering the cost of production saved large amounts of cash.

The plant capacity for all products increased by 30 percent. Engineers have mastered and launched production of several new machines: gas compressors, top-notch equipment from stainless steel for chemical industry, hydraulic turbines of average power.

1951-1955 YEARS

Labour productivity by the end of 1955 compared with 1950 has increased more than twice. Over the past five years workers and specialists of the plant mastered and released for national economy 43 new types of machines and devices. A loss-making enterprise, the plant became profitable.

The plant grew and shrugged. In operation included forging, cutting-out, instrumental, railway shop. Were built: the plant division, corps of engineers, the objects of social appointment, the Palace of culture, a sanatorium, a Wellness camp in the foothills of the tract Handily.

From 1956 to 1960

The plant, conceived as an enterprise for the production of compressors and pumps during this period were sent to customers, in addition to these complex, delicate, demanding full concentration of knowledge and skills the best shots of the products, and turbines for small hydropower plants; mixing rollers; rollers-levelling; Stulova vise; belt conveyors.

1961-1969 YEARS.

The plant entered into an important band of its existence, which will be marked by the creation of unique equipment for the chemical industry of the former Soviet Union. Had to master the production of such machines and devices which in their design and operational characteristics, would not concede to the best foreign samples. Increased significantly and the volume of production, the supply of vehicles and machinery should be increased much, because in the former Soviet Union, including Uzbekistan, had to build new chemical plants and factories. In a relatively short period of time "Uzbekhimmash", then headed by a talented engineer and organizer N. Platonov, succeeded in the difficult conditions of the postwar period to produce large-scale renovation of production. It was necessary to create the company new engineering services, such as, for example, Department of the chief welder, welding laboratory, plant automation and mechanization and other, to strengthen and expand existing technical services, particularly the design Department.

1970-1979 YEARS.

"Uzbekhimmash" in Uzbekistan is perhaps the most metal-intensive enterprise. The term "metal" is figuratively called "bread of industry" - for himachalam not an abstract category. Metal economy, respect to him steel for machine builders the number one task. The Thrifty first opened the staff of the chief designer Department. By reducing the metal structures they saved 100 tons of steel. Forty tons of metal saved on account of workers and specialists of the cutting-out of the shop. This original contribution to the Treasury reached through rational cutting.

In this period, the plant continues to use the so-called method of Saratov defect-free work. With this method organisation and payment of the benefit is the one who delivers the products from the first presentation, who not only meets or exceeds the norm, but consistently provides high quality products.

In short, the 1970s years were the most fruitful period of its history. Just then, over the decade, production volume has increased by about 80 per cent and labour productivity by more than 40 percent. 

For chemical, petrochemical, food, microbiological and other industries, production of new devices and machines, they received the largest construction and existing companies in all the Union republics:
in Schekino shipped distillation system for the production of caprolactam;
in Severodonetsk is a powerful apparatus for the desalination of industrial wastewater, chemical wastewater treatment;
in Rustavi - contact apparatus for the plant of Caprolactam;
in Chapaevsk is the unit of fractional melting, which allows to obtain substances of high purity, etc.
A large batch of devices was released for one of the oldest customers "Uzbekhimmash" - Chirchik production Association "Electrokhimprom."

1980-1990 YEARS

In 1980 - 1990 General Director of "Uzbekhimmash" worked O. A. Vardevanyan. Factory Director Hovhannes Agopovich Vartevanian, the man who did much for the prosperity of "Uzbekhimmash", a lot of time and effort spent in search of potential customers, especially among foreign firms, and this he did, not without success. Once, at the end of the next meetings, which gathered almost the whole management team of the plant, Vartevanian with its inherent degree reported: "a Japanese company "Mitsubishi" signed a contract for the supply of large quantities of heat exchangers. With the Japanese case we have for the first time, they're meticulous, know a lot about technology. So I have a little sweat". And in fact, the manufacture of the company "Mitsubishi" has finished very successfully. Two batches of higher complexity equipment, and they were quite impressive - to 18 units in each, made exactly in accordance with customer specifications based on the standards of the American Association manufacturer of shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Khimmashevets began producing a new type of devices, high reliability, with double tube sheets, instead of Japanese and English of equipment for research and production Association "Nairit" (Armenia).

1991-1998 YEARS

It is proved that the leader are not born - they become. To do this a lot and learn a lot in school, Institute, manufacturing, and life itself. All this fully applies to the Director "Uzbekhimmash" Victor Alekseevich Volgina, threw in their lot with the factory in 1961. And it started with a locksmith, got no job higher education in Chirchik evening the branch of Tashkent Polytechnic Institute, went through the engineer-constructor, Deputy head of VCS, head of quality Department, chief engineer, and 30 years later became Director of the "Uzbekhimmash".

Due to their high intellectual level, the courage and authority among the staff of the plant this "power team" has managed not only to maintain but also to significantly increase the capacity of the plant and bring its products to the domestic and foreign markets of CIS countries and far abroad.

Based on the analysis of the needs of the market, a decision was made about necessity of development of production of pressure vessels, as established nomenclature of production of compressors has not been fully download the production capacity of the plant.

Under the leadership of V. A. Volgina program was developed reorient the marketable product of the plant to meet the needs of NHC "Uzbekneftegaz", which the factory became (1998) as the main plant AK "Uzneftegazmash".

It was necessary to quickly implement the development of a huge number of samples of new equipment, technical re-equipment of existing production equipment in the shops of the plant, to create new technologies and production sites, to dramatically increase the volume of exports.

2002-2008 YEAR.

The shift leader comes in all business relations organizer and leader, and as such was Nasibullaevich Shokir Fayzullaev. Prior to that, he worked in the national holding company "Uzbekneftegaz", the head of Department on reforming and placement of securities, Executive office of the National holding Company "Uzbekneftegaz". So he was well acquainted with the plant. During the reign of the divisions and departments began to introduce modern technology, we have created more than 150 jobs.

Under the leadership of Mr. Fayzullaev sh. was the beginning of the implementation of the program of import substitution of products held in the Republic of Uzbekistan. JSC "Plant "Uzbekhimmash" took the obligations to implement the projects of the Program of localization and honorably served their. Among them: manufacturer of the flue gas desulphurization plant for field "Ucker", produced by the propane-butane mixture for UDP "Shurtanneftegaz", "Compensation of retired capacities of desulfurization", UDP "Mubarek gas processing plant", "IV technology strand STC project "Dobostorta field "South Kemachi" with the construction of the NCSG" UDP "mubarekneftegaz", "Arrangement of field low sulphur gas preliminary gas treatment plant "Kumli" UDP "gazlineftegazdobycha".

2008-2015 YEARS

On merit and assessed contribution to the development of the company, in December 2008 the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan General Director of Joint-stock company "Uzneftegazmash" and JSC "Factory of Uzbekhimmash" was appointed Bakhtiyar Risimovic roziev.

It was under his leadership in recent years mastered many new types of equipment, in particular, the technology block the production of equipment for low temperature gas separation, which allowed to pass the object not as a single product, and turnkey. In 2009 by order of the Singaporean firm first made the adsorber for gas dehydration with a diameter of 3500 mm, length 12 meters, weight 50 tons, were first produced air coolers at 160 atmospheres.

In 2013, work continued on the development of capital investment envisaged by the investment program, according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 4, 2011 "the Expansion of capacities of JSC "Factory of Uzbekhimmash" for the production of large bulky equipment" in the amount of 6,279 billion soums.

Implemented the investment project "Organization of production of household gas cylinders, biogas plants and tanks in the Khorezm region", included in the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 22 November 2012.

Now JSC "Plant of Oil and gas and Chemical Engineering" is also involved in large construction projects, which are included in the Investment program, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.