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Foundry shop produces steel casting of carbon, low carbon, heat resistant and stainless steel of all types, cast iron casting of all types of grey cast iron and bronze casting.
Weight, kg :

  • Steel-50-1800;
  • Cast iron-30-1800.

Non-ferrous casting :

  • Bronze: up to 60.

Foundry equipment:​

  • electric arc furnace, capacity 3 tons;
  • as cupola, capacity 6 tons;
  • induction furnace, capacity 60 kg.

Forging production

Hydraulic Press sheet stamped: Nominal strengthening of vertical cylinder 800 tons

Double action crank Press: Nominal strengthening of crosshead 315 tons.

This equipment allows to produce elliptical bottom up to Ø 2400 mm ; hemisphere bottoms up to Ø 3400 mm;

There are steam and air Forging Hammers, mass of feeding parts from 0,5 ton up to 5 tons. The weight of forging is from 0,5 kg up to 320 kg.


Indusrtrial types of welding

  • automatic submerger arc;
  • semiautomatic shielded arc welding;
  • shielded inert gas tungsten arc welding;
  • electroslag welding, thickness up to 200 mm;
  • electroslag welding, thickness from 30 mm up to 220 mm.

Steels and alloys for welding:

  • low carbon steel;
  • low alloyed steel;
  • high alloyed steel;
  • ferrite steel;
  • austenite steel;
  • austenite-ferrite steel;
  • titanium and its alloys.

Shops are equiped with roller stands up to 50 tons. Maximum height of moving welding balcony for automatic welding is 3 m.


Mechanical treating

Equipment used in mechanical treating production allows to produce and treat details and units up to 15 tons.

  • Maximum length of treating, mm -15 000
  • Maximum diameter of treating detail, mm -3 500 Maximum height of treating detail, mm -2 500