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JSC «Oil, gas and chemical machinery plant»

The year of foundation of  (Uzbekchimmash Plant) - 1941.

JSC «Oil gas and chemical mashinery plant» started to produce chemical equipment in Uzbekistan. Firstly, the Plant has produced only defence equipment, but in 1942 began to product equipment for peaceful purposes.

Due to past-war time the Plant has became as a leading chemical machine building enterprise. The main type of equipment due to past-war time was chemical equipment and turbo compressors.

Today JSC «Oil gas and chemical mashinery plant» is the leading enterprise, produced Pressure Vessels and Apparatus for chemical, oil and chemical, gas refinery branches of industry in Central Asia.

Up to 1992 the main Consumers of production (about 90%) were the enterprises of former USSR. At present more than 70% of production is going to domestic market market, and about 30% are exported to CIS countries. Production of the Plant is notable for high quality, is known to Consumers in CIS countries and from abroad.

The Quality of works is provided with and improved by acting of System of Quality management under the MC ISO 9001 Requirements.

At September, 1994 in accordance with privatization processes, «"Oil gas and chemical mashinery plant» was reorganized to Open Joint Stock Company «"Oil gas and chemical mashinery plant"

At 1999 "Oil gas and chemical mashinery plant» was entered to National Holding Company «UZBEKNEFTEGAZ» (UNG).